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Poker - a game of luck and skill?
With the rise of online casinos, Poker has become a sport with a humungous economic relevance. That said, it is not surprising that governments all around the world try to impose laws to ban the game.
Archie Karas and the infamous 'RUN on Vegas'
"I've been a millionaire over 50 times and dead broke more than I can count. Probably 1,000 times in my life. But I sleep the same whether I have ten or ten million dollars in my pocket."   ... *view full poker article*
Poker dynamite
Floating (Maximizing EV vs. a floater) by John Anhalt
As the games today get much tougher, you're likely to see a lot more people "floating" flops against you. Floating the flop is when someone calls your flop bet, with the intention of stealing the pot   ... *view full article*

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