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Online poker is a $16 billion industry which shows no signs of slowing down. Players now have a choice of online poker rooms, no end of game formats to select and 24 hour access. Yet no one has found poker alchemy, a system to win every time and turn all your chips into gold. Just for fun here's how we recommend playing Sit and Go!
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7-10 players left. Pre-flop, fold everything except AA, AK, KK, QQ and AQ. If still not ahead after the flop then fold. Watch each opponent for three hands, starting on your left. Learn who is most likely to call, raise and fold.

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4-6 players left. Pre-flop add AJ, JJ and pairs above 88. Do not play A10. NB. You should have two bluffs in the bank if needed! Everyone thinks you play tight. Keep watching for signs how players call, raise and fold.

Phase 3 Online Poker Blitz
Phase 3 - Blind Bomber
1-3 players left. You are not chip leader but people think you play tight. The blinds are now worth winning. Raise pre-flop frequently. You are in profit already and pre-flop any hand can win.
Sit and Go tourneys
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In Sit and Go, when players cannot leave until they lose their chips, the top three spots pay out. Coming third will double your stake. This strategy is designed to deceive your opponents early to shock in the end game.
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You still need luck! The THREE PHASE PLAY will bring discipline to your game and give you a chance in the end game. But if you see an opportunity anytime, take it. If you lose less than you win, you will be ahead.

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