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Holdem Poker
Texas Holdem poker is the fastest growing past time in the world. To play poker is an addictive high thrills ride.

Exposure on television programmes such as the World Poker Tour, Poker Million (Sky) and Late Night Poker have made household names of professionals and amateurs alike. If you play poker, you can share the dream of one day making it to the World Series of Poker.

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Poker is a perfect way to keep in touch with friends. It is the purest form of competition, requiring guile, aggression, patience, timing, mathematics, people skills and more than a little luck. Play poker just once and you will be hooked for ever. I already play poker.
Reasons to play poker
King poker party
Its a 'King Poker Party
Playing poker is a great way to keep in touch with friends and have fun. If you want to stay sober and grind out a win over some mates so be it. But we suggest you stay home and knit instead. Get some drinks in and ante up!
Poker dynamite
No need to break the bank
Its low cost entertainment. All you need is a pack of cards and some counters. Nowadays you can even get a set of casino quality poker chips for less than the cost of a night out. Save the dynamite for the poker table.
Play poker like a professor
One Hour to Learn - A Lifetime to Master
In less than 60 minutes you will be able to play poker. But it would take a poker professor a lifetime to master playing Texas Holdem. Every hand is different, with new players and cards to conquer. You will never get bored.
Knockout poker play
You Always have a Fighters Chance
Anyone can win a game of poker. It is a leveller, no one has any clear advantage at the start. With a run of luck your grandma could win a tournament. You always have a fighters chance and a big punch can knock out anyone.
Power up your poker ego!
Power Up Your Ego
Playing poker is good for the ego. It's a battle of the senses and emerging victorious shows everyone you are the smartest tool in the box. But don't believe your own hype, chances are you will flatline at the next game!

Want to learn more about how to play poker? Need some help setting up your first game? Or tips on playing online?

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