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Amazon lists over a thousand poker books. You could spend a lifetime reading and never get through the millions of pages written on poker. We review classic and new poker books to help you pick the best.

Studiers of poker books are called 'Book Players', a rather unkind term intended to describe a player who is predictable and doesnt think. But whilst no poker book can make a champion, knowledge is itself power.

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The Rise and Fall of Stuey 'The Kid' Ungar, Poker's Greatest Player. A remarkable story of natural poker genius and his tragic spiral to an early death. Recognised by most poker greats as the most gifted No Limit player that ever lived. Winner of 3 WSOP titles.

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Mike Caros Book of Poker Tells
Mike Caro's Book of Tells
This poker classic contains over 170 photos of pimped up poker players from the seventies. See and understand the body language used to destroy opponents at poker. Learn to spot subtle shrugs, sighs, shaking hands, mis-directed bets, and much much more.
How to Play Poker and Win
How to Play Poker and Win
A poker book for all card players from beginner to expert. Focus is on Texas Hold 'em. Published by Channel 4, the book is the perfect introduction to the game and provides information on rules, etiquette, styles, venues and betting. A bargain short read at 192 pages.
Big Deal by Anthony Holden
Big Deal
The story of a year spent by biographer Anthony Holden in the tough world of the professional poker player. He spent days and nights in the poker paradise of Las Vegas, in Malta and Morocco, even shipboard, mingling with the legendary greats. A "Rocky" style rollercoaster.
The Education of a Poker Player
The Education of a Poker Player
First published in 1957, foreword by Ian Fleming of James Bond fame. Whilst not covering Holdem, Yardley's story of his life in illegal gambling dens and his realisation that he could pick up tells has yet to be matched for tension. Powerful lessons for any player.
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