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In real poker your chosen deck of poker cards says a lot about you as a player. Are you one of those players who would be happy to play with scraps of paper, so long as there’s some action? Or are you a more refined player who insists on the finest quality cards, preferably rolled on the thigh of an Amazonian before printing?The Poker Jokers recommend the following decks, which are all standard poker size - 88mm Tall x 63 mm Wide.
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Bicycle Jumbo Index Poker Cards
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'The Hustlers Deck' - This pack has large numbers and is low budget. Your opponents will think you are short sighted and on a losing streak! Alternatively, if you are planning a drunken night of cards, these beauties are cheap enough to use once and discard. Value for money.

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View Dal Negro Excelsior Poker Cards
Dal Negro Excelsior Poker Cards

'For the Distinguished Gentleman' - Made in Italy using duplex cardboard, these poker cards are durable and up market. Whilst still competitively priced, Dal Negro is the high fashion of poker cards. If you want to stand out in a poker crowd and cause a stir, choose the Excelsior.

View Bee World Poker Tour Poker Cards
Bee World Poker Tour Poker Cards
'The Professional’s Choice'– Ever fancied giving up the day job and becoming a professional poker player? Well now you can fake it till you make it. This deck is the authorised pack of poker cards used on the World Poker Tour. Make believe you are taking on the pros!
View Poker Flash Cards
Poker Flash Cards
'A Different Class' - More than a simple pack of cards, these gems of knowledge teach you to improve your poker whilst you play. Perfect for the lazy student. The flaw in the plan is these poker cards are also helping everyone else at the table! Light reading between hands.
View Carta Mundi Poker Cards
Carta Mundi Giant Face
'The Big Slick' – No chance of missing the nuts, a man on the moon could read these numbers! Giant index on a linen finish high grade cardboard. Over 150 years of European card making have gone into these Carta Mundi classics. Everyone loves a smart dressed man.
View Kem Arrow Poker Cards
Kem Arrow Poker Cards
'The Mother of All Decks' – 100 % Plastic and widely regarded as the world's finest poker cards. Made entirely of cellulose acetate material, the most durable plastic used today in playing card production. A luxury purchase for those seeking exclusivity and only the very best.

Your choice of poker cards is seemingly endless. Large index or small, wide or standard, plastic or card, and all this to consider before you decide on design! You could even go for legend status and get your own set of personalised poker cards.

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