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Just five years ago, poker chips could only be bought from the best online casinos and a few canny suppliers. Now the market is flooded, prices have crashed and you are spoilt for choice. With so many options, you need to be a poker professor to choose a set of poker chips! The Poker Jokers say keep it simple and go traditional.
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Poker Chips are Forever
Poker Chips are Forever
Poker chips
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Poker chips are the currency of the poker player. Just like every lady should own a diamond once in their life, every poker player should own a set of casino quality poker chips. For richer for poorer, till death us do part.
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A poker chip set isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life. So if you have doubts about the investment, work out how many years you have left to live and divide the price by that number! It will seem great value.
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More Colours

Get enough color combinations to enable each player to use a different shade. Being able to see who has won your poker chips creates a primal urge to hunt down your POWs and bring them back 'home'.
Classic suit design
Classic Suit Design
What more is there to say? Poker is a card game. Dice is for craps. If you want a flashy design or something different, get a second set. The classic suit design is the Rolls Royce of poker chips.
Blank poker chips
Blank vs Numbered
If you use blank chips, you set the chip values. You can change the value to suit any number of players. With numbered chips you are limited to whatever they add up to. Not so with blanks, you set the rules.
Choose heavyweight chips
Heavyweight or Lightweight
Poker chips should be heavy. With heavy chips we can all live the dream and be Steve McQueen. Lets be honest, however sad, riffling poker chips ‘feels good’. Never compromise on quality.
Mountain of poker chips
How many poker chips is too many?
500 is a good number. Take a look at any World Series final table, you would need a bulldozer to move that many chips. It wouldn’t be quite the same with just a handful of $100,000 chips would it?

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