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Poker etiquette is the unwritten rule book. We believe poker should be high drama but behaviour at the table should never effect the progress of a game. Casinos will have a much stricter code.
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Poker Jokers are free to drink alcohol to their hearts content. NB. drinkers rarely end up being contenders but who cares! Poker should be fun, and drinking can actually make your Texas Holdem strategy more unpredictable.
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Texas Holdem can be a very frustrating game. You wouldn't swear in front of your grandma, yet some bad beats turn the air blue. We have all been there and assuming no kids are about... let it all out!

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Dealer abuse is not not tolerated. Respect your dealer.
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Abusing the dealer

Players take it in turn to deal. Whilst it can make you want to scream, it's not the dealer's fault you keep getting bad cards. Take it on the chin and chill.
Slow play
A typical game of poker often lasts over three hours. Whilst no timer is put on any player, unnecessary slow play is frowned upon.
Acting in turn
Poker is all about information. A hand may be effected by a player acting out of turn. Any bet or fold completed out of turn effects the players left in the game.

Standing All-in
Poker players must stand when betting their entire chip stack. The player is standing in anticipation of a losing hand and a fast exit from the table.

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