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Online since 1999, the Poker Jokers has been independently recognised as one of the top 10 poker forums on the web (Poker Our poker forum is ALL about poker. We monitor the site hourly to delete spam and unsolicited advertising. It is a poker forum after all!

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'You should be congratulated on your site and real games info. Loved the board and people. Pretty cool.' Braveheart Member since 2003
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'Thanks for the advice about taking my game to the next level. I went to a casino and walked away £750.00 richer.' Lemon Man Member since 2002
Wild Bill Hickock and the Hall of Infamy
The Hall of Infamy
From Wild Bill Hickock to the late Queen Mother, gambling legends of the past are profiled in our unique Hall of Infamy. Highrollers and hellraisers only!




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