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Organising a poker night is simple, whether you are going to play Texas Holdem or some other game. You need some chairs, a table, a few friends, some counters (chips) and a pack of cards. Ideally plastic or clay poker chips are used for counters. Alternatively, you can use real money or any type of counters. If you want to win, you need a solid Texas Hold'em strategy as well, but that's another story.
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In Poker Jokers, players take it in turns to host a game. The host is responsible for fixing a date, preparing the table, and buying snack refreshments.
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In reality any deck of 52 playing cards will do. However, in casinos real 'poker cards' are used. These cards are slightly wider and have large numbers. Poker cards will cost up to £5.00.
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Poker Chips

Any number of chips can be used. Poker Jokers find 50 chips each is manageable in a game. Plastic chips can cost £5.00 per 100. Clay chips will cost up to £15.00 per 100.
A Dealer Button
Players use a dealer 'button' to remember whose deal it is. When a hand ends the dealer button is passed to the left. Any object can be used to serve this purpose in reality.
A Poker Table
Any table will do. A basic fold up poker table starts at about £50.00. Real poker tables run to £1000's. For beginners, a piece of green curtain liner sized to cover a table will cost £5.00.
Contact Poker Jokers for information on where to buy the best value poker equipment. A starter pack can get you and your friends playing quickly and cheaply.

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