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Poker Jokers is a dedicated website for new and existing poker players who want to improve their game but aren't willing to lose their sense of humour in the process! Anyone who thinks poker should be fun is a Poker Joker. The Poker Jokers is a free to join membership club.
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In 1999, the first Poker Jokers game was played between Five Fingers, Exocet, Professor and the Boy Plunger. A pioneer website before the online poker boom, still 'built by poker players for poker players'.
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Players receive exclusive access to our forum and regular monthly e-zine. Perfect if you are bored of the same old poker sites and you want something more stimulating. Join the Poker Jokers
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Poker Names

All our members must select a poker name for their alter ego in poker. Your name should reflect your style of play or make a bold statement to other players. Choose carefully. You have to live with it!
Poker music
Poker Anthems
Taking a seat at a final table should not be quiet walk in the countryside, more a symphony of shock and awe! Think wrestler and pick a victory theme tune! The Poker Jokers theme is Ecstacy of Gold.

Poker is a gambling game. To remove financial risk from the game would remove the excitement and tension involved in every hand. The Poker Jokers play for low stakes. A Poker Jokers match is limited to a maximum stake, to ensure the people lose only what they can afford. Glory is the main prize at a Poker Jokers match.

Poker stakes
The Cash Pot
Prior to starting the game, each player deposits the same amount of stake money to buy a number of chips. Poker Jokers is winner takes all. The player with all the chips at the end of the game takes the cash.
Poker chips
The Chips
Each player is given the same number of poker chips. Any number can be agreed. The start is the only time that chips can be purchased. No 'buy back in' option is available in Poker Jokers. You must win with the initial stake.
Winning Poker
The Winner
A points system monitors player performance. Points are awarded for finishing in last five. No points awarded for being knocked out before this stage. Your annual champion is the player with most points, not cash.
Poker Leagues
Points are awarded as follows on Poker Joker ranking games. 1st 8 points - 2nd 5 points - 3rd 3 points - 4th 2 points - 5th 1 point. Your annual champion is the player with most points, not cash.
The Poker Jokers Grand Slams
Grand Slams
The Poker Jokers format includes six ranking games per annum scoring points and three Grand Slam events. These are the Team Challenge, Heads Up Knockout, the BIG ONE tourney (double stake).

The Poker Jokers is a site built by poker players for poker players. The object of this poker website is to promote poker as a social and fun pasttime. All poker images used within the poker site are widely available on the World Wide Web. There is no intention to breach any copyright regulations and any issues regarding these poker images should be brought immediately to the attention of the Poker Jokers. All text content and code within this poker website is Copyright © 2006 Poker Jokers.