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Don’t underestimate the power of poker image.
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Live and breathe your poker image. If you are a bold player, wear a bold brash shirt. If you play the odds, go for a refined look. The Poker Jokers recommend the difficult to find Moschino range of poker shirts.

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Popular with bald players, these egg shiners also help poker players hide their emotions. Information is power in poker. Wearing the right hat can block player tells and help keep your opponents honest.

Poker Jewellery
Poker Jewellery
Bling bling! Precious stones and metals say 'my bankroll is big'. Players will be less likely to try and bully for fear of being called. But don't be fooled, all that glitters at the poker table is definately not gold!
Poker sunglasses
Poker Sunglasses
The eyes are the gateway to the poker soul. Studies show that nonverbal communication has a much greater impact and reliability than the spoken word. Don't give your opponent any freebies!
Be unique and create poker fashion!
Be Unique
Your poker persona is an opportunity to give Clark Kent the night off and soar like Superman. Choose a great poker name and start living the dream. Remember, everything you do gives out messages to your rivals.

Have you got one of the Moschino poker shirts? Do you want to tell us your views on poker fashion? Join the Poker Jokers for free and post your comments on our highly rated poker forum.

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