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Poker styles differ from player to player. Each game is unique depending on what mix of styles are in action. The best players change their behaviour depending on their opponents. All players can be allocated a style, or a combination of styles, to describe their strategy.

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Gambles hard and often. Calls bets and makes high raises. All in all too often. Wants opponents to smell the fear and be frightened. Scare mongerer.
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Thinks every hand's a winner. Give this player a chip lead and watch out. Bets big to win big. Likes to see players fold. Stand up to this player and the bully may break.
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Rarely folds in the face of a raise. Refuses to accept the prospect of a bluff. Pride and dignity intermingled with a little impatience. Likes to be involved in the game.

Numbers player. Calculates the probabilities of receiving cards throughout a hand. Won't play if the moneys not right. Rarely bluffs. Dangerous.
Everyones best friend. Generous with praise for others. Stabs you in the back whilst laughing at your jokes. Puts the table at ease before moving in for the kill.
Poker? Whats that? Willing to learn but having trouble grasping the concept. Can be dangerous. How do you bluff someone who doesnt know what they have? Will call.
Manipulative. Keeps table guessing by rarely showing a hand unless victorious. The 'asking price' must always be paid. Uses words and body language to deceive.
A show player. Lays high scoring hands face down. Rarely shows a weak hand. Brash, boasting and over confident. Tries to blind and distract other players.
Depends on their mood. Plays different styles depending on the atmosphere and opponents. Occasional drinkers are frequently in this category. Difficult to predict.
Emotional assassin. Plays few hands. Tries to 'grind' the table down with slow play. Rarely bluffs. If betting get the hell out of there. Always a contender, rarely a winner.
Acts like a beginner. Vocal about still learning the game. Acts confused and naive. Tries to make the table over confident. Acts surprised if hands are won. Assassin.
A difficult player to read. Rarely displays emotion during a hand. Like a duck, calm on the surface whilst paddling like mad beneath. A dangerous opponent.
Banzai. Plays like there's no tomorrow. All in on a wing and a prayer. Attacks in the early stages. Risk taker. Hopes the early wins lead to an afterlife.
Folds hands if raised. Rarely raises own hand. Has to have the 'bullets' (two aces) to think about a bet. Needs good cards all night to win a game.
Winning poker is secondary to having a good time and a few drinks. Not interested in learning the game. Often out early and seen drinking at the poker graveyard (bar).
Thinks long and hard about each hand. Slow play. Often talk themselves out of a bet. Too much information is a dangerous thing. A canny player.
Lives for the bluff. Plays strong when weak. Plays weak when strong. Lies and deceit are the foundations of this players game. Never trust a trickster.
A talker. Loud and vocal about own cards and other peoples. Puts table on tilt using distracting and annoying banter. Tactics are frowned upon in the Poker Jokers.
Deliberately disruptive, abrasive, rude and loud. Open celebration in front of victims. Tries to break the concentration of opponents. Prone to heavy drinking.

Do you have a different poker style? Do you believe one poker style is more effective than another?

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