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Poker tables are the real estate of poker. Whether a Beverly Hills mansion or a poker mud hut, your own table is home sweet home. You want your guests to enjoy their short stay and leave impressed. Buying a casino quality poker table is the ultimate goal for most players.
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Gaming Partners International are the dream purchase on the poker tables property ladder. Rare. Only supplied direct to casinos including Monte Carlo and Las Vegas.
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The Poker Jokers recommend traditional green for poker tables. But why not think pot of gold, select a colour from the rainbow and brighten a poker buddys day?!
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Under table cameras on poker tables are an option only if you own a television studio or you are wanted by the FBI. Hide those hole cards and get paid the looking price.
Deal or no Deal
Dealing action
So you now own a poker table. Time to get dealing. In an amateur game you rarely have a dedicated dealer and each player must take a turn to deal. Every players' unique dealing style has a different influence on a hand. You should be aware of these changes and use them to your advantage.
Dealing the Swan
Dealer - The Swan
Dealing action is graceful. Places cards carefully. Never makes an error. Shuffes only when needed. Doesn't ruffle any feathers and makes for a steady game.
Dealing Mr Bump
Dealer - Mr Bump
Dealing action is clumsy. Drops cards. Spills shuffles. Flips cards up too early. Causes hands to be redealt just too often. Makes for a slow and frustrating game.
Dealing the Hare
Dealer - The Hare
Must have a bus to catch. Deals cards like they are hot potatoes. Smoke comes off the shuffle. Makes for a very fast game with lots of folding. No time to think!
Dealing the Tortoise
Dealer - The Tortoise

Dealing action is slow. Time stands still as this dealer shuffles the deck 20 times each hand. Deals a card a minute and allows players weeks to consider options.

Dealing XXXX
Dealer - XXXX
Dealing action is drunken. Should have to pass a test to get a license to drive a pack of cards. Prone to dealing cards face up. No idea whats going on half the time.
Dealing the Speakeasy
Dealer - The Speakeasy
Dealing action is verbal. Just can't shut up! Talks about anything but poker before, during and after a hand. Doesn't concentrate. Makes for a game of mistakes.
Dealing the Captain
Dealer - The Captain
Dealing action is no nonsence. Moves the action around the table like a whirlwind. Puts timer immediately on any delaying tactics. Makes for a fast but aggressive game.
Dealing the Victim
Dealer - The Victim
Dealing action is pushover. Technically proficient but too meek to keep game moving. Abused by stronger players. Makes for a painful game.

Want to recommend a different maker of poker tables? Or have you seen a different dealing style in action? Join the Poker Jokers for free and post your suggestion on our highly rated poker forum.

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