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Every game of poker is different, depending on who you play and the cards you get on the night. Nowadays, it's not enough to know the Texas Holdem rules and a few strategies to be successful. The tips in this section are 'tells', information you can sometimes take from an opponents body language. Don't forget, some players will fake this body language to trick you!
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Players can rarely look straight in someone's eyes if being dishonest. Length of time staring at cards in their hand suggests strength. Alot of players wear sunglasses to hide the eyes.
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In poker, in general and Texas Holdem in particular, players often act strong when weak (scare off a call) and weak when strong (tempt a call). Facial expression betrays cards. Some players wear hats to hide their face.
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Caveman syndrome. If people have a big hand they get ready for confrontation. Physical changes include flexing of muscles, eye pupil dilation, heart rate, trembling, dry throat.
Body Language
Some players change posture. Shoulders drop when less confident. Sitting in an erect position can show strength. A player who bluffs alot can lean forward in a confrontational way.
It is common for players to quickly glance at their chips if they make a hand after a flop. This may be a subconscious reaction, but the player is already planning his attack.

Poker tells are not an exact science and often are more prominent in beginner players. The Poker Jokers is a community of beginners, experts, social and professional poker players.

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